May 13, 2016

Easter 2016

This year Easter was a two weekend celebration. Our church hosted their annual Easter Egg hunt, and we got lucky that Colt was here for his Spring Break. Colt was able to go to lunch with us and then to the Egg hunt.

It was a beautiful day at the museum where the Egg hunt was held out. The kids love when Colt come because they get to play with him. This day they had watergun fights with him.

The weekend of Easter we went to Houston to mom and Dad's for a couple of days. We colored Easter eggs, and enjoyed being down there. Toby and Dad hung barn doors in the game room for mom and the kids enjoyed their Easter surprises from Mom and Dad.

We came home on Saturday night so that we were here to go to church on Sunday morning.

Cash Wins 2nd Place

Cash won second place at Art Show. He did not know that he won till we showed up at the exhibit that night. He was so excited when he saw that it had a ribbon on it when walked up to it. It is a picture of the Empire State Building that he had to draw.

Mar 29, 2016

Erath County Livestock 2016

Cash competed this year in the Erath County Livestock show for the first time and had success. He raised 2 goats and chickens. He also entered woodworking and built a toolbox that he auctioned off and sold. In which he placed 2nd in woodworking. 

We placed 4th with our chickens and did not make sale with them. He did really well with his goats and made the sale. He sold Watt for $1100.

He learned a lot over the year about showing them, and we know that he will do a great job next year also!

 He was pretty proud of his self once the week was over and he had success. 

Father/Daughter Date Night

Our church hosted the First Daddy/Daughter date night in February. Palin was so excited to go dress shopping and get a new dress to wear to the event. Toby even ordered her a little corsage to wear to the event.

Whit came over before with his girls and they all went together. After the church event, they took the girls to Dairy Queen for Ice Cream which was Palin's favorite part of the night. 

Jan 5, 2016

Palin turns 5

Palin turned 5 this year and had a Frozen birthday party! He party was extra special because Elsa came to the party!!!

We had the party at the Family center at our church and had a blast! She had a bounce house which was one of the most important things to her!


Cash is doing 4H this year and in August we got 3 goats for him to show in the County show.

He named them Romo, Watt and Maybelle. The kids have enjoyed them. We made a pen in our backyard for them and they have been feeding them twice a day and walking them.

Palin Plays Soccer

Palin played soccer again this fall and loved it. We had no crying at practice or at games this year. She may not be the fastest on the team but she is the toughest and roughest!

She had two friends that were on her team this year, so they had a blast playing together. She is going to play Tball again in the spring.